Hard In the Paint with David Grubb

Wings and Things: Hank Brady talks sports & pop culture

July 29, 2020

David and sports reporter Hank Brady reunite to discuss a wide range of topics with a humorous spin. They gets thing started with Lou Will's wingding at Magic City (4:51), before they ponder the wisdom of Kendrick Perkins (13:50); Woj is back and he returned with bombs (20:00). They transition to the world of entertainment by weighing in on the Torey Lanez shooting of Megan Thee Stallion (23:47); an ironic twist for Doja Cat (29:50); hip-hop legends Snoop Dogg and DMX match up on Verzuz (34:00); the legacies of Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, & Master P (38:17); the latest with Kanye (49:30); and Russell Wilson and Ciara still "Win"inng (60:32).